Tuesday, May 06, 2014


People frustrate me to no end. I mean, is it really too much to ask for a body to actually get up and come get me when someone needs me for something? You know, instead of shrugging your shoulders and telling them, "I don't know." It leaves me frustrated when I find out later that someone I needed to talk to came up to see me and were turned away because the lazybones I work with couldn't be bothered to check the board to see where I was so that she could come get me or send a student after me.

Yes. We have a sign-out board so that we all know how to find each other throughout the day for this very purpose. I can't be chained to me desk all day long. I have projects to tend to, meetings to attend, places to go and people to see. So we sign out on a white-board and if I'm not in a meeting or out of the building it's easy peasy to come get me if someone needs to speak to me or needs my help.

But noooooooo. Not my circus, not my monkey seems to be the mantra for a particular person in our office. Heaven forbid she should have to get up and do something or actually help someone. Even our student workers have become hip to the fact that to ask her a question or for help is a useless endeavor. Sad but true.

And I know I don't make all the right decisions all the time but dag-gummit, I'm going to try my best.

This is why I need a job I can do from home and go into complete hermit mode. Limited contact with other people. Then maybe I could finally lose this blasted eye-twitch. ;-)


Heather said...

Yeah, there are days when becoming a complete hermit has its appeal. :-\

Jana said...