Friday, May 02, 2014


So. I'm having a Not Fond of My Friends Today moment.

First offence:

Friend IM's me bragging about the delicious coffee she is consuming. I don't expect my friends to always wait until I'm off the ref. desk to go get coffee but at least don't brag about it. To further insult me, friend called to see if I was still meeting them for break in the lounge and when I said yes, she said, "The coffee shop downstairs is open if you wanted coffee."

Yes, because I am too stupid to realize that there is coffee in the building. And also, the crappy coffee downstairs is on par with the Starbuck's ya'll just drank and would suffice.

I stuck my tongue out at the phone after I hung up. Because I am mature like that. Also contemplated skipping the lounge and avoiding the smartass today. I am not feeling it.

But I did go to the lounge...

Second offence:

While friend and I are discussing the successes/failures of the student assistant lunch the library hosted yesterday, I mention my heartbreak that all the fried chicken was gone by the time I went through the line. Friend was all, "Oh, I wish I'd known you wanted chicken. I got a huge breast and couldn't eat it all and ended up throwing most of it away."

I threw my brownie wrapper at her. No seriously, I had a folded up wrapper from a Little Debbie brownie and I threw it at her before I even knew what I was doing. She thought it was funny. I only regret that it wasn't something heavier. Like a rock.

And I guess I was already mad/put out with this friend anyway because she was sort of a pill yesterday. Barking orders, laughing too loud, neglecting any useful contributions in lieu of pretending to be busy. And I was tired and trying to stay focused on what we were doing for this luncheaon.

Short example: I was directing people as to what food needed to go where--Desserts in one area, meal food in another area. A student brought down his boss's contribution and when I asked him what he had his response was, "A plate of diabetes."

He must have read my look of annoyance because he shrugged and said, "That's what boss man called it." I was not in the mood to be amused so I griped about the smartass to Friend. Later she comes over to me and is all, "Oh, I found out why that student said what he said. His boss called it that." I looked her square in the face and said, "I already know that. But when I'm trying to keep people and their food sorted out and in the right place, I don't appreciate smartass replies whether he thought it up himself or not."

See? I'm just not into her right now.

I'm also not into having my life dictated by my friends and their timelines. Friend TOLD me what our lunch plans were today. Not asked. Told me. "We're going to go eat Panda first and then we're going to go pick up our t-shirts." The t-shirts being the shirts the staff council are selling for the annual SAD event that's happening later this month.

I had already decided that I was going to get my t-shirt early because my size tends to sell out pretty quickly. So I quickly told her what I wanted to do and she, oddly enough, didn't argue. But then I ended up having to wait on other friend because she was running her mouth elsewhere. Fortunately, they still had the size I needed. Or I'd have been MAD. lol

I guess I'm just majorly cranky pants today anyway. I'm tired and achy and this week has just been completely CRAZY. Between outrunning storms, attending useless meetings, a doctor's appointment and helping run an event, I'm just worn slap out. My patience is tissue thin. And I still have one more work day to go! I have to put in my three hours tomorrow. *sob*

On a better note, things have been better this week with my work issues. Turns out prayer and turning it all over to God works wonders. Perhaps I should turn Friend over to God, too. :-D


Heather said...

People can be so unthinking and unfeeling sometimes. Personally, if I'm ahead of a friend in a buffet, and I see they're almost out of something I know/think a friend might want, I'm going to get some for them, even if it makes me look like a pig.

Jana said...

You're a good friend, though. There's the difference. :-)

Heather said...

Aw, shucks...thanks! ☺