Monday, April 28, 2014


Just wanted to let y'all know that my county is currently under tornado warning. Tupelo (an hour north) had already been hit. Campus closed early so we are at home now. So far no rain or funnels but Libs and I are prepped and ready. 

Say a prayer for us!!

Update: 7:32pm

So far, so good. Just had a lot of rain and thunder but thank God no twisters. Seems to have moved on over into Alabama. Still praying for Sis1and Emmy since they are in the direct path the system is taking. 


Aunt B said...

You've been in my thoughts, hon. Glad it seems to have passed you by, but I'm sending continued prayers for you and your family.

Jana said...

Thanks, Aunt B!

Heather said...

The South has really been hit hard the last few days. We had a thunderstorm with pea-size hail last night, but nothing severe like down south, and no tornados so far (knock on wood). Stay safe!