Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So far so good.

Campus closed early again today under threat of more sever weather. We've been under tornado watches all day but nothing rougher than a drizzle of rain, thank The Lord. 

But it's all good. I got some quality time with this girl. 

Also? Notice the two tv's in the background? Yeah. I don't have an antena for my flat screen to receive local stations over the air. What I do have is my 13 inch analog tv and a converter box that I borrowed from the folks. So now I'm a high tech redneck with two tv's in the living room.  Hehe

Figured that was my best option for keeping up with the local weather. And also, The Mindy Project comes on FOX tonight and I can't miss it. :-D

Here's to no more storms/tornados anywhere tonight. 


Heather said...

Hope yesterday was uneventful, and that it remains so today! Here...chilly and overcast with occasional light showers - again. This forcast is getting old!

Jana said...

It's been wonderful the past couple of days. Cool in the mornings and late evenings, warm and sunny throughout the day.

Please don't throw any rocks at me. :-D

Heather said...

We actually had two decent days over the weekend, with Sunday being sunnier than Saturday, but also a bit windier. I actually got out of the house Sunday and went to the Arboretum -- NOT that much is growing yet. Everything is a couple weeks behind schedule due to the long, hard winter and cold, wet spring. :-\