Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Zee Tree

It took me three days and a lot of whining (and NyQuil swilling) but I finally got it done.

I love that it's a mix of sentimental homemade and store bought pretties. Some were gifts and some were just found items I strung up and hung on the tree.

Emmy made the angel above several years ago when she was still a wee child instead of a long legged gorgeous freak. haha It's made from a Coke can and it makes me think of that little giggle faced kid every time I look at it. It always goes toward the top of my tree in a place of honor. She gets a kick out of the fact that I love the danged thing so much.

Bet ya'll didn't know that Taz and I have had a twenty year love affair. 'Tis true. He's mah main squeeze.

Granny made the above Santa out of a light bulb. She made several of these as well as snow "ladies" back a few years ago. I don't have any of the snow ladies but I have two of these Santas. :) I also have a few crocheted santas, drums and stockings that she made when I was little. I stole a few from Mama when I moved out and Granny gave me some more last year when she decided to clean out her Christmas decorations.

Paw-Paw Joe made the wooden snowmen as well as some reindeer and candy canes back when we were little. I managed to snag a few when I moved out and now that he's gone, they are ever more precious to me.

My angel is maybe little drunk on NyQuil but then, so am I. haha

It's not fancy, but it's mine.

Merry Christmas!


Aunt B said...

It's lovely, Jana...wonderful to have ornaments with such sentiment tied to them!

Heather said...

Nice. Does your tree really only have green lights? And hey--that reindeer pup looks a little familair. *VBG*

My window lights and tree are up, but tree is not completely decorated yet. Maybe I'll pop in a Christmas movie and finish it tonight...

Jana said...

They're multicolored but dancing lights so it's hard to capture all the colors. :-)