Monday, December 02, 2013

Weekend Review: Turkey Day Long Weekend Edition

So. Long weekend. We'll start with Thursday, aka, T-Day. Or Turkey Day. Depending on my mood.

This Thanksgiving was even weirder than last year's. For one thing, Sis1 and Emmy didn't come home at all. Not even Friday. No. They were at Gulf Shores.

The above photos were taken by BIL and posted on FB. I'm jealous. Both of his photography skills and the mini-vacation at the beach.

Anyway, while they were off living it up at the beach and Sis1 and her family were stuck at Goofus's aunt's house, Mama, Libby and I were the only guests for dinner at her parents' house. Mama did all the cooking except for the deviled eggs and apple pie I contributed. The food was great but the day was nothing like the Thanksgivings of my childhood/early adulthood. No raucous bunch of uncles, aunts and cousins. No fighting for the best parts of the turkey. No nothing. Just me and Libs and the old folks. I love my grandparents and am glad I went. It was just...odd. Didn't really feel like Thanksgiving. Or any kind of holiday, actually.

Poor, pitiful me. haha

I was happy, though, that the crowd was small enough that I felt good about carrying Libby with me. I don't normally take her to family gatherings because extra people stress her out and some people aren't cool with having people bring their dogs with them to their home. My grandparents, thankfully, love animals and were delighted to see her.

Libby really loved Maw-Maw because she fed her a TON of turkey. Seriously. Not sure that Maw-Maw actually ate any of the turkey because I only saw her feeding it to Libs. And that was some good turkey, too!

After lunch we went out and picked up pecans from the church yard (across the street from their house) and from their yard. Great exercise after that big lunch. Although kicking around all those leaves has wreaked havoc on my upper respiratory system ever since.

I know it sounds like I was complaining about my Thanksgiving, but as much as it didn't seem right without all the noise of a ton of family, it was good. I'm so glad I still have Mama's parents and to be able to visit with them. Neither are in the best of health these days which is why there wasn't a big family gathering this year--or the past couple of years, actually. They can't really handle the big gatherings anymore. And yet I was glad that I was able to spend a little quiet time with them..

We left their house around 3pm and headed over to Granny's to visit. They had already eaten but I ate a slice of Granny's delicious coconut cake and took a coconut rum pie to share. There was a smaller than normal crowd there, as well. All my cousins but one were out of town this year. Sis2 and her family go there not long before Mama and I did and we all visited with Granny for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast entertaining us.

Libs and I both pretty much passed out when we finally got home Thursday night.

Friday morning Sis2, Lyssa and I went to Tupelo with Mama, Granny and Aunt G for the flea market. Believe it or not, we spent ALL DAY there and I only bought lunch and a small coin purse. There was tons of neat stuff but nothing so tempting as to turn loose of my hard earned cash. haha We mostly had a fun day, though. I did get annoyed with Sis2 because she kept skipping around instead of taking it in aisle by aisle so I feel like we probably missed a lot.

Lyssa enjoyed it, though, and actually hung out with Sis2 and me all day. In years past she's always gone off with her Nana. Nana, I think, ended up pretty much on her own. Granny and Aunt G went off by themselves and then we all met up for lunch. Mama seemed a little put out with being by herself. But it isn't as though we ditched her. She left the group first so we just assumed she wanted to go on her own.

Anyway, we got back around 4pm and Sis2, Lyssa and Mama visited at my house for about an hour or so. After they left, Libs and I sacked out on the couch for a bit and then I had a little post holiday depression episode where-in I cried over NOTHING and basically made myself miserable. I hate when I get in those moods like that. *sigh*

Saturday I got up and did my usual grocery shopping/breakfast thing before meeting Mama up at our church to help her move tables and stuff. We're having the anniversary party there and Mama wanted to get a head start on getting things set up the way we want them. Next weekend we're going back to Tupelo to get more decorations and stuff so Saturday was mostly just setting up the tables and chairs the way we want them.

When I got back home, I dragged out all my Christmas junk and then stared at it for about three hours or so. I just was not in the mood to do anything with it. And as I mentioned up above, upper respiratory problems galore and the meds made me really, really sleepy and dizzy. I did finally get up around 7pm and put the tree together. It's still nekkid but maybe tonight I'll get my act together and get it dressed.

Yesterday I really wanted to just stay curled up on the couch and sleep all day but alas, I dragged myself to church and then to the folks house where we ate leftover dressing (not stuffing. haha) and I dozed while Daddy watched Christmas movies on Ion and Mama worked on the slideshow she's putting together for the anniversary party.

Fun times, ya'll. Fun times.

I'm still hacking up a lung periodically and sound like I swallowed a frog but I'm at work and mostly working. Which is more than I can say for my two cohorts, E and A. They both called in sick. Slackers. haha


Heather said...

Love the top pic of Emmy. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, despite your sisters and the kids not being present. Hope the respiratory ills are better--can so relate to that this week. My sinuses have been horrible, and I've had one of those persistent throat tickles you can never get rid of all afternoon. Ugh! Sounds like you had a good day at the flea market, even though you didn't buy anything. Kim and I were out for a bit Friday but did not buy much. Well, at least not compared to other years, lol.

Jana said...

Still coughing and blowing my nose, but feeling some better.

Hope you bought some fun things! ;-)