Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Hair

Ya'll. I am silly so I'm going to write a post on hair and people's obsessions with it. :-D

So, don't ever let anyone tell you that they don't care what you look like because I have a record setting amount of "likes" on Facebook all because I cut my hair. And I have a record setting amount of comments debating between those who actually like the cut and those who don't. Those who DO are winning the argument but that's not the point. The point is...WHY DOES ANYONE FEEL THAT PASSIONATELY ABOUT HAIR THAT IS NOT THEIR OWN???


No, I get it. Hair says something about a person. It can say, "I'm a total lazy slob" or "I spend way too much time and money on my appearance." Or it can say, "I have more fun things to do than worry about perfect hair." I'm not sure what my formerly long locks were saying, exactly, but apparently it wasn't anything good to a lot of people.

Also, I'm not sure what "It's cute" really means. Is the cut itself cute? Or does the cut make ME look cute? Or does it mean I'm short, fat and bowlegged like Mama used to tease us that the word "cute" meant? I may never know and I don't really care.

I didn't cut my hair to please anyone but myself. I kept it long to please a handful of people, though. Namely, my dad.

Did I ever tell y'all that when we were kids, Daddy wouldn't allow any of us to cut our hair short? I had waste length hair until I was 18 because Daddy forbid short hair. Sis1 rebelled early and cut hers when she was 13 and has kept it some version of short ever since. Sis2 waited until she was in college a couple of years.

That first cut when I was just barely 18 had little to do with rebellion and a lot to do with wanting to be a different person. I was defined by so many things back then. My hair, the books my nose was perpetually stuck in, my weight, my strict parents who limited any sort of potential social life, my "level" of Christianity, my quietness.

I couldn't change a lot of those things. I loved to read, I realized early in life that I'd never be thin,  my parents would never relax and let me run wild, I was too young a Christian to ever want to be "bad" and no matter how much I longed to be outgoing I never could achieve it. But I could cut my hair. So I did.

The first day I walked into class after "the cut" my trig teacher teased that we had a new student in class and that was a shot of happy right to my heart, let me tell you.

I've swapped up my hair a million times since then. Super short, super long, in between, layered, not layered, permed, crimped, ponytails, alligator clips, barrettes--name the trend and I've followed it. The only thing I've never done is color it. Well, that's not entirely true, either. My senior year of college, Vidal Sassoon had this "foaming highlights" product that looked like mousse and gradually lightened your hair without any harsh chemicals or dyes. I used it religiously for months and ended up a brassy strawberry blond for a while.

So yeah. My  hair is my canvass when I can't change/control anything else in my life. And these days? Yeah. With everything around me swirling out of control, the scissors and my kind stylist saved me. Not saying I don't regret the change a little bit but I'm equally excited about it. I'm hoping this current stage of my hair's life says, "I'm brave, bold and in charge of my life." Or at least, "I'm young(ish) and fun." haha

If you've read/followed this blog for very long, you've seen a ton of incarnations of the ol' mop. If not, you should check out the archives and see all the wild. Because y'all, I was doing selfies before that was even a word. hehehehe

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Notice anything different?

Eleven inches. Enough to donate. :-)

Wonder if the scale with reflect the weightloss. Haha

Monday, April 14, 2014

New in a bedroom

Finally got something new added to the guest bedroom. 

Photos that BIL took if Emmy when the were on the coast in the fall. 

Now, if only I could muster the energy to remake the bed that Emmy so thoughtfully left in shambles. Ha!

Scardy Pup

It stormed in the wee hours of the morning. Thunder, lightening, power flickering...the whole nine yards. I was already awake before it started because stress sucks and won't let me sleep so I heard her when she started flopping around in her crate down the hall. I waited a bit to see if she would settle down but when the crying started I went and rescued the poor baby. 

Sad that the only visitor I get in my bed is a sixteen pound, four legged ball of fluff. :-/

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Emmy's interviewing for an ambassador position at her school. I'm not sure exactly what that is but she's excited about it. She has to wear a dress and heels for the interview, something she's not used to. She's such a tomboy. Her mama bought her a dress last week and Emmy suckered me into buying her some shoes Friday. 

She sent me this, this morning. 

Good grief. Who gave her permission to grow up so fast? 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Livin' La Vida Libby

She says she's helping fold laundry. I'm not sure how affective her method is, though. :-/

Strange But True

I get jealous when I see my friends' FB status updates where they've gone off and done fun things with their other friends without inviting me even though the thought of going anywhere on a Saturday fills me with dread. 

Friday, April 11, 2014


She leaves her wet towel on the bathroom floor, her bed unmade and at least half of any meal uneaten. Where there is service, there is a phone in her hand. 

She is fun, goofy, tall and lovely. 

She spent the night with me last night and we spent the day with the boy and Sis2. I love that she's half grown and half kid. I hope she never gets too grown to be this fun. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue Sky And BBQ

Pork. It's what's for supper.